and Sovetsky Sport sign a memorandum of cooperation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

An official agreement between leading Chinese web portal and Russia’s nationwide daily newspaper Sovetsky Sport was signed on Friday in Beijing. The document is aimed to develop synergies for both media organisations and allowing them a mutually beneficial partnership in terms of media support, joint activation and written and video content covering international sports events and sports news. According to the agreement Sovetsky Sport will provide to information including coverage of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and will share with Sovetsky Sport content on all major international sports events taking place in China, including 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. 

Publisher of Sovetsky Sport and Eventica CEO Sergei Kolushev said: ‘Collaborating with organisations with the same goals has always been key to us. We are happy to partner with, one of China’s biggest names in online media and search. The partnership will enable Sovetsky Sport’s readers to get access to valuable content regarding the forthcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and well-known Chinese athletes and other exclusive news. We are also proud to be the only Russian newspaper to be translated in China.  Sovetsky Sport provides extensive coverage on sports news, live sports events, expert commentary and opinions which will be a significant contribution to Sohu’s daily agenda’.  

SOHU Sport director Zhang Yi looks forward to cooperating with Sovetsky Sport: “The cooperation between SOHU Sport and Sovetsky Sport will vastly enrich our reporting contents during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, helping us complete the reports in a more cutting-edge and more exclusive perspective’.

SOHU.COM, as the pioneer of the Chinese internet industry, was founded in 1998. Until now it is still one of the most successful web portals in China, with more than one hundred million user bases. It’s sports division, SOHU Sport, is a leading sports information provider in China, and is also is one of the largest Chinese online search platforms. As the official website during the Beijing Olympic Game in 2008, SOHU Sport was widely-admired.

Established in 1924, Sovetsky Sport is Russia’s oldest sports newspaper. Today it remains one of Russia’s most popular daily titles, and its weekly supplement, Sovetsky Sport Football is the country’s biggest selling football publication. The publication’s digital platform - – has a growing online presence across Russia, and beyond and is now a leading sports portal.