Speakers and Participants of the WFF 2017 share their thoughts about the event

Adrian Bevington, Director of Communications, English FA 2005-2010, England Managing Director 2010-2014, names the top 5 trends of the world football industry and discusses his agenda for the World Football Forum.

- Top-5 trends of the world football industry?

  • Club ownership/Foreign investment - particularly Chinese/Far East, US buyers of European Clubs.
  • Globalisation
    • Clubs and leagues continually looking to grow their brand. Digitally, Pre-season tours, mid-winter break training camps, Senior appointments dedicated to International brand development
    • Increased use of data & analytics to develop fan engagement; commercially and substantially increased understanding
    • World Cup and international tournaments being hosted in new territories
  • Broadcast rights growth & multi-platform way in which football is now consumed and how it varies between age-groups - added to the phenomenon of YouTubers and how sponsors are commercially aligning with them
  • Growth of Women’s football - Elite Professional and participation levels - Professional leagues, increased investment, Broadcast deals and audiences, Iconic players
  • Global quest to sign young players, develop them through major club academies in large numbers - selling for significant profit.

- Why is it important to participate in WFF 2017?

First visit to China. An increasingly important football and sports business nation.

- What are you planning to discuss at WFF 2017?

Star Sixes international legends tournament; Dugout digital platform and Football business.

- What would you wish to WFF 2017?

A highly successful conference that builds upon Paris 2016.