Speakers and Participants of the WFF 2017 share their thoughts about the event

World Football Forum starts a series of short interviews with participants and speakers of the WFF 2017, which will prepare you for the event and highlight the most important issues to be discussed in less than three weeks in Changsha.

Misha Sher, Worldwide Vice President, Sport & Entertainment at MediaCom speaks about the World Football Forum

- Why is it important to participate in WFF 2017?

WFF forum has become one of the pre-eminent events in our industry where the biggest issues shaping football are being debated. Anyone whose business touches the football industry should attend the event to learn about the latest developments and meet peers to explore potential business synergies. Technology has transformed the way we communicate and do business but there is no substitute to meeting in person. I have participated in the event since its inception and have always found it to be very beneficial. Given the emergence of China, I see this year’s as unmissable.

- What are you planning to discuss at WFF 2017?

I plan to discuss how data and insight are transforming the sponsorship industry. It’s time both, right holders and brands, embrace the power of data to help them build truly authentic partnerships that deliver tangible results.

- What would you wish to WFF 2017?

I wish WFF another successful event, full of great discussions and many relationships developed amongst those attending. Given that this if the first event in China, I hope it’s embraced by the local partners and well received by all those attending from China. The event has a terrific opportunity to connect East and West at a critical time in our industry so I hope that it’s a big success on that front.