WFF 2017 China venue revealed

In a new milestone for Eventica Sport’s annual football industry event, we are excited to announce that the World Football Forum 2017 will take place in the Chinese city of Changsha on 18-21 May. The event in 2017 will be the first ever edition to take place outside of Europe, and will bring the global football industry to the heart of football’s ‘new geography’ - to one of the sport’s most exciting and fast-growing new markets. China’s football-loving President Xi has prioritized the development of the domestic game, unlocking a vast new market which is leading the pack of emerging football powerhouses of the 21st Century.

Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province in south central China, epitomises the new generation of rapidly rising urban centres in the world’s most populous nation. With a population of approaching 10m, and an ambitious plan for sports infrastructure development, Changsha is emerging as one of the cities to watch in a country where football is driving development on a nationwide scale. The World Football Forum will give the international football ecosystem – governing bodies, clubs, and the suppliers and services providers which surround them - a deep understanding of the huge opportunities in this and football’s other ‘emerging markets’, and it will be an ideal platform for learning more about the latest trends in and around the global football industry, direct from internationally recognised leaders.